Having Fun with Photography

Sometimes, you need to just be able to have fun with whatever you do…  For me, that means being playful with my photography.

A corporate client wanted to build a little excitement in the office, and a team mascot was chosen – a gorilla.  The gorilla (in stuffed form) would serve as a trophy, of sorts, making appearances at team outings, meetings, etc.  And I was given free reign to take photos of the gorilla to launch the idea at a team townhall.

For a couple of hours, I lugged this huge stuffed gorilla around downtown Toronto, take photos of it doing typical daily things (for privacy reasons, all photos including the employees of the organization are not included).  I had a ton of fun, and got more than a few odd looks along the way 🙂

Here are just a few examples:

DSC_1974 DSC_2048

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