Mike Voutier Photography offers Toronto-based photography services, including event coverage, portraits and lifestyle photos on location in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Wildlife photography provides personal fulfillment along the way (typically large mammals and birds).


I’ve learned that a good photographer doesn’t just add a good camera and a couple of good lenses to the equation. Therefore, my photographic philosophy is comprised of the three guiding principles:
1. Work every photographic situation like it was for myself.
2. Treat every photographic subject like they are my own family.
3. Provide artistic imagery that far surpasses expectations.No one will work harder for the shot; if I need to lie on my belly in the mud to accomplish the artistic vision we set out to accomplish, I will. To get the most out of any shoot, the subject needs to be comfortable with the photographer; my job is as much about easing the subject into a comfort zone, as it is knowing about the camera, lens and settings. Finally, I work with subjects to determine what their vision is, and then bring the expertise needed to bring that vision to life.